Air Coolers


Cooling Simplified.


Cross Drift Technology: The hexagonal design of Cross Drift allows water to travel and cover a maximum area which results in enhanced and faster cooling.

Highly Efficient Honeycomb Pad with Anti-Microbial Properties: Special cellulose paper with anti-microbial properties to provide balanced cooling.

Hybrid Cooling Technology: A combination of honeycomb and wood wool pads to reduce the temperature, and blow cool air into the room.

PM2.5 Silver Nano Purification: Nano-silver impregnated and activated carbon fabric filter, to filter the air up to PM2.5* which delivers clean and purified* air free from bacteria and allergens.

Ultraviolet Protection Coat: Ultraviolet protection for the machine’s body to be protected from direct sunlight.

Remote Control Operation: For easy and convenient mode of operation which can be controlled from a set distance.

Wide Angle Air Flow: Louvres are designed to deliver a ‘breeze effect’ at a wide angle. Motorised vertical louvres combined with horizontal ones ensure faster cooling and maximum coverage.

Automatic Louvre Movement: Automatic vertical louvres move horizontally to cover wider area for better and uniform cooling.

Anti-Drip Mechanism: Unique mechanism prevents the unwanted dripping sounds generated by the cooler when the water falls from the honeycomb pad to the water tank.

Ice Chamber: Embedded with an ice chamber for boosting the cooling experience.

Timer: Operating time can be controlled with different preset time options.

Cord Winder: A slot to wind the electric cord for hassle-free usage.

Thermal Overload Protection: Unique technology which protects the fan and pump motors from overheating, thus enhancing their lives.

Multiple Fan Speeds: 3 speed options.

Mosquito/Dust Filter: For filtering larger particles that enter the machine.

Works on Inverter: Compatible with inverters to provide cooling without any interruption due to power cuts.

Auto Fill: Unique mechanism to refill the water tank automatically when the water level goes below the required level.

Electronic User Interface: For a world-class seamless experience while operating.

Ioniser Purification: Gives protection from harmful bacteria* and allergens* to give fresh and purified cool air.

Easy Clean: Easy-to-open grill that can be locked that makes it effortless to clean the machine from the inside.

Digital Display: Intelligence feature that helps set the operating time in form of digits on the panel.

Castor Wheels: For easy mobility.

Air Coolers

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