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Windus Air Coolers from Blue Star

Blue Star is India’s leading air conditioning expert with 75 years of experience in the industry. The Company has extended its expertise in cooling towards developing the Windus Air Coolers range, with a host of technologically superior models. The brand also relies on its widespread network and adheres to the highest standards of quality, with an endless commitment by its workforce and its highly innovative approach towards technology.

Some unique features of the product range:

Cross Drift Technology: This technology enhances the cooling efficiency of the product by allowing the water to travel for a maximum area resulting in better cooling with minimum water consumption.

Ioniser Purification: This feature helps protect from harmful bacteria and allergens. PM2.5 Silver Nano Purification: Nano-silver impregnated, activated carbon fabric filter clears the air up to PM2.5* which delivers clean and purified* air.

Wide Angle Airflow: Louvers are designed to deliver a ‘breeze effect’ at a wide angle.

Mosquito/Dust Filter: Helps filter larger particles that enter the air cooler enhancing its life.

Ice Chamber: Embedded with an ice chamber wherein the user can pour ice cubes to boost the cooling experience.

Digital Display: An intelligent feature helps set the operating time in the form of digits on the display panel.

Works on Inverter: Compatible with inverter operations to provide cool air without any interruption due to power cuts.

Air Coolers

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