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Ducted AC with Special Filter

Ducted AC with Special Filter

Cooled air can be cleaned of any microbes, including the COVID-19 virus, by passing it through specially treated filters before sending it into the air conditioned space.

One of the innovative products launched by Blue Star is the Ducted System with Livinguard Filter, a special filter made out of a unique fibre with anti-microbial properties that makes the cooled air pure and virus-free.

This new Special Filtration Ducted Unit with VDT comes pre-fitted with the special Livinguard filter. When the cooled air passes through this special Livinguard filter, viruses including the novel coronavirus and harmful bacteria are effectively neutralised, ensuring that the air passing into the cooled space is safe to breathe and does not spread infections like COVID-19, TB, chickenpox, or even the common cold and influenza, further.

Ducted AC with Special Filter
Special Filter
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Technology that works for you

Blue Star’s Special filtration system using ‘Livinguard’, a special coating material, is an active system that does not just filter out microbes for them to be washed away later. This filtration system permanently destroys the microbes passing through these filters.

The special filter is made with a unique fabric that is treated with a powerful anti-microbial coating with a high concentration level of 24 billion charges/sq cm. This gives polycationic property to the fabric surface. This treatment acts like a positive magnetic charge against the negatively charged virus and bacteria.

The positively charged fabric, which is more powerful than the negatively charged microbes, inactivates the protein capsids or envelopes, thus disintegrating the structure of the virus.

Features and benefits

      • Active filtration system destroys the microbes, not just trapping them in the filter as in conventional systems
      • There is no hazard in handling the filter while cleaning, since no active microbes remain trapped inside it
      • Filter does not need frequent replacement, since it can be washed and reused many times
      • Filter offers very low resistance (static pressure drop) to the air flow, hence there is no need for hi-static evaporator fans, resulting in enormous power saving through the life of the system
      • Traditional metal-based anti-microbial agents like silver, copper and zinc, are not used in these filters, thus avoiding leaching of the chemicals while washing
      • These special filtration ducted units can also be used in the Fan mode during winter to ensure microbe-free atmosphere even without cooling
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