Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

Air to Water Monobloc Heat Pump Air to Water Monobloc Heat Pump

Air to Water Monobloc Heat Pump

This plug-and-play outdoor unit from Blue Star comes with an inverter compressor with vapour injection, plate heat exchanger and pump to produce hot water up to 60ºC. Monobloc systems save indoor unit space and are easy to install compared to split systems, making them flexible and convenient. The product is designed to operate at ambient temperatures as low as -25ºC.

Capacity Range: 4kW to 16kW

Salient Features

  • Eco-friendly, low Global Warming Potential (GWP) R32 refrigerant
  • Reliable operation at ambient temperatures as low as -25℃
  • Corrosion-resistant blue-coated fins
  • Wide operating range with a rotary DC inverter compressor with vapour injection
  • Efficient DC motors and axial flow fan
  • Enhanced efficiency in refrigerant circuit with Economiser
  • Improved comfort with production of hot water of up to 60℃
  • Nano BluProtect technology on fins, to prevent corrosion (optional)
  • Ease of service through split front and side access service doors
  • In-built safety feature for refrigeration and hydronic circuit
  • Microprocessor-based controller with LCD display and self-diagnosis function
  • Integration capability with building automation and home automation systems
  • Integration with IoT-based smart devices
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