Blue Star offers one of India’s widest range of air conditioning and commercial refrigeration products, as well as a comprehensive range of air purifiers, water purifiers, air coolers, cold storages and specialty products.

The diverse air conditioning product range serves both commercial and residential segments, and includes a solution for every need. Blue Star serves homes through precision inverter, split and window ACs. Commercial complexes and condominiums are served through a wide range of state-of-the-art VRFs and ducted systems. Showrooms, offices and ATMs use the Company’s commercial solutions including a range of standard split ACs as well as mega split, cassette, and verticool ACs. Blue Star’s chillers adorn landmark buildings and mega structures such as airports, malls, hospitals and industrial establishments.

The Company’s commercial refrigeration solutions include water coolers, bottled water dispensers and deep freezers, besides modular cold rooms and ripening chambers. Blue Star’s portfolio also offers medical and retail refrigeration equipment, as well as speciality solutions such as mortuary chambers.

Blue Star’s AC&R range has been further augmented recently by the launch of product categories such as water purifiers, air purifiers and air coolers, each a complete range of technologically advanced solutions. The Company’s Water Purifiers use RO+UV technology and a 3-stage filtration process along with unique features such as cold and hot water, touchscreen, speech assist and electronic dispensing to deliver absolutely safe and pure drinking water. The range also includes India’s first hot & cold RO+UV water purifier.

Air pollution has been a subject of focus recently, and interestingly indoor air quality is worse than the air outdoors in many cases due to closed environments that trap pollutants and micro-organisms. Blue Star’s range of elegant and contemporary Air Purifiers packed with advanced features such as SensAir and nanoeTM or Plasma technologies, supported by a multi-stage filtration process, helps keep the air in homes pure, clean and healthy.

Further the Company also rolled out its new innovative models: AC with in-built air purifier, which cools and purifies the air in the room at the same time; and next-gen Wi-Fi-enabled 5-star inverter split AC, which can be operated through voice commands in both English and Hindi by using an appropriate interface device.

The Company’s Windus range of Air Coolers furthers its cooling expertise. This sleek and stylish but affordable assortment of products incorporates smart features that are very useful in cooling spaces, especially in dry climatic regions that require moisture retention.

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