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Blue Star Europe B V is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Star Ltd, a $1B publicly traded HVACR Company serving the residential, commercial, and industrial market segments for 80 years. Blue Star’s history of product development, engineering, and manufacturing of air conditioning and refrigeration solutions has helped it develop products for highly diverse and extreme temperatures. Today, Blue Star Europe B V brings the Company’s product design and manufacturing services to HVACR companies across Europe.

Blue Star specialises in product design, development, and manufacturing to suit specific market and customer requirements. The Company supports its OEM customers in many critical areas: it provides resources to fill product gaps, increases speed to market to capture market trends, supports technology gaps within customers’ portfolios, increases their manufacturing capacity with its factories, and helps expand their product ranges as well. Blue Star’s solutions are customised and tailor-made to specific customer needs, and not selections off a ready catalogue or easy modifications of existing products. The Company’s flexible customer-centric approach is a collaborative process that results in the creation of new and differentiated products for its OEM customers. Blue Star works with its partners to understand their growth aspirations and current capabilities, then develops a product strategy and roadmap by utilising its end-to-end customer engagement methodology combined with the strengths of its engineering team to deliver the final product that meets customer and market expectations. Blue Star specialises in intertwining its product development process with its partners’ to ensure that products are brought to market as specified and on time per the launch schedule.

Blue Star’s core competencies include heat pump technology, refrigerant expertise, and controls development and integration with OEMs. The Company combines it with a culture of quality in manufacturing and complete performance testing capabilities in its laboratories to deliver industry leading products for OEM customers. These competencies translate into products like air to water heat pumps (both monobloc and split configurations in R-32 and 290A refrigerants), ducted heat pumps, single and multi-zone mini-splits (R-32 or R-454B refrigerants), mini-VRFs, commercial VRFs, and heat pumps for swimming pool heaters.

Blue Star continually invests in world-class research and development and manufacturing processes and production lines, building an infrastructure of innovation centres, testing labs, and state-of-the-art factories that add up to over 1 million sq feet of resources available to support its customers. Blue Star has seven manufacturing facilities producing products today to support the increasing demand of its international customers. New facilities are located in geographies that provide for efficient transportation of products in a cost-effective manner. Blue Star is constantly focused on creating state-of-the-art, cutting-edge solutions that are differentiated and market leading for its partners.

The Company’s Value Proposition summarises its offerings well:

“Your trusted R&D and manufacturing partner in heat pump decarbonisation technologies”

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