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Ducted Split with Hot Water Coil

Ducted Split with Hot Water Coil

The Ducted Splits range of Blue Star consist of high efficiency side discharge outdoor unit matching with low height, low noise ceiling suspended indoor units. These units are typically suitable for installation under false ceiling.

Blue Star's ducted splits come in a wide range from 1.5TR to 5.0TR, comprising a total of 7 models. Each unit is designed to take the minimal space for installation.

These ducted split systems can work up to ambient temperature of 52°C which makes it best suited to work in the Middle East region.

These ducted split systems are ideally suited for apartments, villas, offices, shops, hospitals, educational institutions, financial institutions and in other residential and light commercial establishments. The units can also be offered for medium and high rise residential and commercial buildings.

Ducted Split with Hot water Coil - DSH series:

  • This unit is specially designed for certain climatic regions which demands for a ducted split air conditioner which can use refrigerant to cool a room in summer and hot water to heat the room in winter.
  • Ducted split with hot water comprises a total of 7 models ranging from 1,5TR to 5.)Tr.
  • Ideally suited for offices, conference rooms, apartments, hotels, restaurants, shops, basements, high security areas, bank vaults or wherever a conventional air conditioner cannot be fitted or cool efficiently and economically.

Salient Features:

  • High on reliability - Blue Star’s High-Efficiency Ducted with Hot Water Coil undergo stringent quality checks and reliability tests to perform well under different temperature conditions.
  • High static unit which can cater to larger area - Blue Star’s High-Efficiency Ducted with Hot Water Coil have high static unit which provides efficient cooling, catering to a larger area.
  • Silent operation - Blue Star’s High-Efficiency Ducted with Hot Water Coil have a reduced operating noise.
  • Long piping - Blue Star’s High-Efficiency Ducted with Hot Water Coil have a maximum piping length of 45m.
  • Copper coil - Coils are constructed with inner grooved copper tube (IGT) and aluminum mechanically bonded to the tubes for maximum heat transfer capabilities. They are provided with highly corrosion-resistant aluminium as a standard feature in all the units.
  • Inbuilt Hot Water Coil for Heating Mode - Indoor units are provided as plug & play packaged systems with inbuilt hot water coil for ease of installation, operation & maintenance. Flared type connections are provided in unit for quick and easy connections of hot water piping.
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