Blue Star offers the widest range of air conditioning and commercial refrigeration products and systems across the globe. The portfolio of products includes unitary products, applied systems and modular cold room refrigeration products. A wide range of models are available in each product category to ensure that the air conditioning system design is implemented, without any compromise. All the products are energy – efficient and come with a host of distinctive features. Every Blue Star product is a result of robust R&D, a strong understanding of design and superior manufacturing processes. These core attributes have made Blue Star the preferred cooling solutions provider.

The diverse air conditioning product range serves both commercial and residential segments, and includes a solution for every need. Blue Star serves homes through Precision Inverter, Split and Window ACs. Commercial complexes and condominiums are served through a wide range of state-of-the-art VRFs and Ducted Systems. Showrooms, offices and ATMs use the Company’s commercial solutions including a range of standard Split ACs as well as Mega Split, Cassette, and Verticool ACs. Blue Star’s Chillers adorn landmark buildings and mega structures such as airports, malls, hospitals and industrial establishments.

The Company’s commercial refrigeration solutions include Water Coolers, Bottled Water Dispensers and Deep Freezers, besides Modular Cold Rooms and Ripening Chambers. Blue Star’s portfolio also offers Medical and Retail Refrigeration equipment, as well as specialty solutions such as Mortuary Chambers.

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