The benefit of a mature business organisation with years of operational excellence is that there are several good systems in place. From a prospective employee point of view, Blue Star offers the following advantages:

  • There are well designed induction and technical orientation programmes. There is a Corporate Technical Training Organisation which delivers a variety of technical training programmes for the AC&R business. Engineers who join the Electronics Division get a chance to go abroad for training with the Principals. The Corporate HR runs a menu of non-technical soft skills training programmes such as Business Communication Skills and Business Etiquette.
  • The Company has many well designed, time tested HR practices such as setting the performance objectives at the beginning of the year, reviewing employee performance every year through an annual appraisal system and an annual compensation review based on market surveys. In addition to a market aligned salary structure, Blue Star also has a fairly attractive incentive scheme wherein, the employee gets an incentive based on his department’s performance coupled with his own performance rating.
  • Typically, graduate engineers can look forward to entering real managerial grades within 4 to 5 years. Once an employee enters the managerial grade, he is exposed to a variety of management education programmes including some programmes at IIM, Ahmedabad.
  • Last, but not the least, Blue Star rightly boasts of the Blue Star Way, which is founded on a set of values and beliefs which have evolved over time. These beliefs have made Blue Star a highly respected, secular organisation. The Company has an excellent track record of employees working for many decades with the Company. In today’s high attrition market, the Company continues to enjoy the privilege of retaining many of its employees for many decades, thanks to its positive work culture.

Blue Star inducts suitable talent at all levels – Freshers, Mid-Management, and Senior Management.

Since engineering and technology are at the heart of Blue Star’s delivery, engineers (graduate as well as diploma) constitute most of the Company’s recruitment. Management degrees may also sought after as one goes up the career ladder.

Campus visits are standard practice at Blue Star for recruitments. Blue Star campus recruitment teams visit top ranking institutes, offering opportunities to competent engineers and management graduates to participate in any of the following Trainee roles:

  • Graduate Engineer Trainees (GETs)
  • Post-Graduate Engineer Trainees (PGETs)
  • Diploma Engineer Trainees (DETs)
  • Management Trainees (MTs)
  • B Com Trainees

The selection process at Blue Star is rigorous, wherein candidates who match the Blue Star value system, and have a strong knowledge base along with the skill to apply concepts, are sought after. Commitment and a passion for excellence are qualities that are held in high regard.

Here is a summary of the divisions within Blue Star and career possibilities at each of them.


Mechanical engineers are deployed in 3 different disciplines, Sales, Design & Engineering, and Construction. Electrical engineers (graduate and diploma) can also find careers in the Electrical Projects division.


Blue Star manufactures a wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment at its five factories. Here, careers can be made in R&D, Production, Production Planning, Manufacturing Engineering, Quality and Reliability, and Procurement. Graduates as well as post graduates in mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering can find rewarding careers in Blue Star’s manufacturing group.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Service Group

Here again, engineers constitute the bulk of recruitment. Careers can be made broadly in 3 disciplines, viz Service Marketing, Service Delivery and Service Specialists’ Group.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Products Sales Group

Packaged air conditioners, room air conditioners, refrigeration products and cold storages are mostly executed through licensed channel partners. Consequently, engineers as well as MBAs with an aptitude for marketing can develop satisfying careers in any of the channel businesses.

Management Services

As in all large corporates, Blue Star has well-structured management, with service departments such as Procurement & Logistics, Finance & Accounts, and Human Resources.

The Company constantly looks for talented professionals with appropriate qualifications for these departments.

Blue Star Engineering & Electronics

Blue Star has been the exclusive distributor in India for many internationally renowned manufacturers of high-tech professional electronic equipment and services, as well as industrial products and systems. It has carved out profitable niches for itself in most of the specialised markets it operates in such as Industrial Products and Systems, Non Destructive Testing, Testing Machines, Data Communication Products & Services, Testing and Measuring Instruments and Healthcare Systems. This business is managed by the Company's wholly owned subsidiary, Blue Star Engineering & Electronics. Engineers can find rewarding careers in Blue Star E&E. The Company looks for talented professionals with appropriate qualifications for these departments.

International Business Group (IBG)

Blue Star is presently in the process of building a larger international footprint. New opportunities are being identified for our AC&R Products, MEP Projects, After-Sales Service, and System Integration and Agency businesses.

IBG has two divisions:

The Global Product Sales Division, to handle all product exports to the Middle East & Africa, SAARC and ASEAN as well as all OEM equipment sales.

The International Projects Division, to manage international joint ventures in Qatar and Malaysia as well as all international project enquiries.

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